Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hippie Transformation

So, I am transforming into a full-blown hippie. I have gone from being a tight-strung, worried about where I should be, insomniac, perfectionist marathon runner to a mediating, herbal tea drinking, mindful thinking, non-judgmental, writing hippie. Coming from being the biggest non-believer of that crap- it really does work. I feel more energy. I feel lighter. I feel a clearer mind. It is a really good change, even though at times I find myself in my old mind having a complete panic attack that I am completely okay being where I am RIGHT NOW, and not worrying about how imperfect I am, or where I need to be in order to be at peace. I am just at peace with my daily progress, and I am becoming completely okay with being where I am RIGHT NOW. It's pretty rad guys. 

Other happenings besides becoming a hippie:

This kid is still the best sidekick ever. We have a daily ritual where I come by after work, she brings me a diet coke, and we sit on the stairs and say "Cheers!" With her sippy cup of chocolate milk and my diet coke, and just enjoy a nice relaxing drink together. This picture was taken when I was babysitting her and realized she probably shouldn't be playing with scissors. This kid can pretty much get away with anything when I am around- except talking to me with a binky in her mouth- biggest pet peeve EVER!

I won $50 bucks at work from the super bowl. It treated myself to a new hoodie. I can't get enough of hoodies lately. The hood is on at all times unless I am at work. It's just so comfy!

I recently met an 18 year old girl who has been through some EXTREMELY rough times in life. I don't really know why, but I am the first person she has ever connected with and learned to put trust into. She made me this little piece of art that I look at and smile every single day. People are the best. 

I won "Loan Officer Assistant of the Month"! This was pretty exciting considering the award is given strictly on numbers and how well you perform compared to others in the company, and I was only there for 20 days last month and still somehow got the award! Beginning of a new streak!

Ever since 7th grade track, I have raced in the same pair of "lucky socks". I finally decided it was time for some new ones. These bad boys have gel pads in the heals and the arches. Best socks EVER!

My boss and parents gave me flowers at work for V-day. I might have crazy allergies in my cubical, but they still make me smile!

Not only did I run more than one mile for the first time in  a REALLY long time, I got to run outside. Pure happiness. 

I am the most un-crafty person ever, and somehow completed a project I call my "hope wall". It has quotes that have meant a lot lately along with some fun pictures. I LOVE it and I'm so proud of myself for being a tiny bit crafty!

Life is Good. Real Good. 

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