Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday was oh so very grand. I babysat Allie (In pictures above). I decided that we were going to play outside, because I can't get enough of this awesome heat! I love it! Anyway, so we walked around a bit and played for awhile, until I got pretty tired. Allie was pretty tired cause she has been getting teeth and has been pretty fussy. So I decided we were going to just lay in the hammock. Most kids (Jack and Kali) would never wanna just chill in the hammock. Allie definitely did. We laid there for about TWO HOURS swinging back and forth and jammin to Bob Marley and Jack Johnson. It really was sooo chill and awesome just to enjoy time chillin with her. She was all cuddly and would fall in and out of sleep. It was so fun just to chill with her and bond. After we came in, she was totally attached to me and would only come to me. I think we have finally had a breakthrough!

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