Monday, August 16, 2010


So I just returned from a sweet little trip to a little place called Sun Valley, Idaho! The whole family came, which was pretty cool that we got everyone together! Katie even came three days after getting a C-Section and she brought her new little girl Rylie Kate Bunnell! She is so cute and I was so glad that I got to spend some time with her before I move back up to school. There was a lot to do up there, but mostly I just relaxed, played games, went running, and slept! I did, however, go river rafting down the Salmon one day and go to an ice skating show that featured the recent Men's olympic gold medalist! All in all, it was a good trip and fun to spend time with the family, especially all the silly little kids!

The Legit house we stayed in

All the kids played so well together

The WHOLE fam...hard to take a good picture with everyone

The Four Grandbabies!!

Kelli: Little Miss Outdoorsy

Going through the "quiet zone"

My favorite dad!!

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