Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Katy Perry Concert!

Yesterday, after work, I hit up the Katy Perry concert with my Mom, Katie, and Melissa. It was awesome! We have waited a LONG time for this concert. I remember last January, I was just out of treatment when my sister called to tell me that she got us Katy Perry tickets for the fall. I remember thinking that I probably wouldn't make it to the concert and still be sober. I was still in the thinking mode that I would probably be dead any day. It's crazy to think about that and look back over the past few months and see how different my perspective is today. I am so grateful for sobriety and the opportunities that I am getting as a result of this new life I have created. I am slammed with work and school and all of the other craziness of life, but I can't help but be grateful that recovery has lead me to all of these amazing opportunities that I never would have thought were possible a year ago. 

In other iphone picture news...

My parents and I went here when we were in St. George and it's amazing! Lo and Behold...there's one right by my house!! Who wants to come up and go to breakfast with me?!?!

Now, rebelling consists of wearing a U shirt at my parents house. Seems harmless compared to other ways I have rebelled in the past!

Last weekend, we had a girls night and watched the Women's conference. Afterwards, we played Bingo. Rylie was my teammate ;-)

On Sunday, I decided to be all nostalgic and do stadiums at my old high school. So many great memories came back to me!

Chase has much higher dress code standards than I would like. I will only be seen in blue preppy shirts for the next year at the very least. 

Good thing I work at the Fashion Place location and the Loft had a sale. Double win!

These are all the pics from the concert. So much fun!!

I just finished up my midterms. I can't believe I am halfway through the semester!

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