Friday, July 5, 2013

Transition Stage

Holy Smokes! I seriously forgot this blog even existed. SOOO much going on ALL the time!!
Here's the scoop on my life:

On the Job:

Today was my very last day at Ifreedom. I really am super sad about it actually. It was an awesome job, but SO MUCH stress all the time. These last few weeks, I have worked 12 hour days and still had so much going on. It's busy season and it seemed the get more intense every single day! I loved working there, but I decided for my mental health, I needed a change. Back in March, I got a phone call from another company asking me what it would take to get me to make the switch. I pretty much threw out a ridiculous salary and benefits thinking they would give up, but after weeks of negotiating and back and forth, a job offer showed up in my email that I couldn't say no to. Not only will it be a better place financially, but it will be better for me as I make some personal changes and move forward. I get an awesome opportunity to help open a new branch, do some marketing, and have a guaranteed pay that I couldn't say no to. I head out to Cali in a week to start training. Until then- I am PLAYING!!! Feels so good to get the stress off my shoulders!

I am moving: 

My contract for my current lease ends in about a month. I have been looking at rentals up in SLC, but I don't think I will be renting longer than the next six months. I am beginning to look at condos and townhouses to buy and settle down in. I am just sick of moving so much and paying for something that I am not investing in. I am super stoked to start looking at places this next week! I'm gettin so big!!


A couple of weeks ago, I made the commitment to run Big Cottonwood marathon this Sept. It's supposed to be the fastest course in Utah, and I really miss running. I really want to focus on training again and maybe possibly getting a qualifying time this fall. It has been so fun getting back into the running routine, because the last year or so I haven't ran very much at all, and I can totally tell a difference. For whatever reason, my heart rate has stayed in the lower 50's though, which is really nice!!

It was really sad saying goodbye to all of my close friends and amazing managers today, but I am very hopeful that the next 6 months of transitions will be exactly what I need! 

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