Sunday, July 14, 2013

Business Trippin

Since I left IFreedom, I feel like all I have been doing is playing. has been so refreshing and much needed! The weekend after I quit, my mom and I took a little weekend road trip just the two of us. I loved it! I have missed spending quality time with my mom like that, since we are both

running around crazy busy most of the time. It was an awesome weekend. This last Friday, my friend Luke and I drove out to Jackson to raft the Snake on Saturday. It was a BLAST! I loooove rafting! That night, we drove through the night back to SLC so that I could catch a flight to San Diego for the week. I am out here training at the corporate office of my new company. I am feeling waaaay too old going on all expense paid business trips and what not! I am also very impressed I haven't gotten lost yet! I am only here a couple days and don't get too much play time, but it's nice to get away from my hectic life and have some alone time for a few days. 

Here's some recent phone pics:

First Stop: Stadium of Fire!!

   Next- Road trip with my favorite!!

I am going back to my "hillohoilic" ways and training on every hill in sight! Sugarhouse park is so sooooo pretty!

 I also trail ran the past week as well. I ran up to Dodwood lake in big cottonwood canyon. Utah is so awesome!
 Yesh, when you are that cute, no pants are required.

Roadtrippin to Jackson with my favorite guy!

The cliche instagram pic!

 Remember how I have a freakishly low heart rate???

 The kid behind me on the airplane kept kicking chair the ENTIRE flight. I am never having kids!

I found a Subway and diet coke and drove to the nearest beach. It was perfection. Sandwiches, the beach, and a diet coke. I could get used to this....

I love you hilton hotels!

Best meal of all!

The view  from my balcony

 I get so excited to go running when I am on a trip. Yep, I am crazy!

 The golf course that I ran on. It was perfect and beautiful!

I loooove running at sea level!!

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