Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best New Years Trick

This New Years was pretty low-key. I had work and didn't really feel like going out and doing anything wild and crazy. My sister and her kids planned a "family party" and since I am the newest roommate, I was lucky enough to get an invite. The festivities began at 5:00pm. I started getting stressed wondering if I could last the next 7 hours playing games that my niece Kali came up with: sack races, candy toss, present opening, gingerbread house making...the list went on! Until my sister and her husband came up with a brilliant plan...celebrate New Years at 10:00pm. We turned on CNN at 10 when they had the ball drop for Eastern Time and the kids were totally fooled. We pulled off the best New Years trick of all time! After that, we played the Wii and celebrated the New Year AGAIN at the correct time when they kids were asleep in their beds!

This wasn't New Years, this was Disco skating the other night! We didn't dress up, so we wanted to win enough tickets to get these gloves. When we fell 70 tickets short, we bribed the girl a dollar and she gave us the gloves!

After work on New Years Eve, my sister and her husband took me to see their house they are building. I am so excited for them! It is coming along great!

I was in charge of blowing up the balloons for the party. The balloons were SUPER old and hard to blow up, so I am going to go ahead and count that as my cardio activity for the day. Rylie had the bag of balloons, would attempt to blow one up, then hand it off all slobbery to me. We did that for an ENTIRE BAG of balloons!

We opened up our gingerbread house box and all the pieces were broken. We had to improvise and make a gingerbread blob. Worked out quiet nicely!

Ringin in 2013 at approximately 10:00pm!

Our spread. My sister has officially reached home-maker status!

HAPPY 2013! I have a list of lofty resolutions I am excited to work on!

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