Thursday, September 16, 2010


It was a day full of spontaneous adventures and I LOVED it! I love being spontaneous! After school and doing some homework, my friend Brady brought over THE.BEST.SURPRISE! Have you ever heard of Amy Poehler?? She is a star in the Katelyn skits on SNL and she is also on Baby Mama. Well Brady overheard me saying how much I loved her the other night, so what does he bring? Best of Amy Poehler SNL!!! Great comedic relief! Seriously, so good! Then, I decided that I was in the mood for S'mores! So we went and got some wood and S'more stuff and had a fire in our backyard (we are next door neighbors)!! I LOVED it! I love days like yesterday! Here are some pictures of our AMAZING fire, thanks to Mr. Brady Sanderson.
Brady and I taking a picture with our fire

He kept doing good smiles and I kept doing stupid faces bahaha

All the roommates except for Jentry who was being responsible and studying

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  1. Responsible is such a vague term sometimes, Jentry should have joined us. Hopefully Larry doesn't kick me out from the massive black spot in our yard. Oh and Amy plays Kaitlin not Katelynn. Although that doesn't matter ;)