Monday, September 27, 2010


WOW! What a weekend!!! It was CRAZZZZY! But oh so very lovely!! I drove down to Orem on Thursday night so that I would be able to work all day Friday. I LOVED being back at work! I have been lucky to be able to work for my dad and have such awesome coworkers! On Friday night, we went to Brad Paisley. He was AMAZING! We LOVED him! He is also another one of those musicians that is very easy on the eyes! Although, my favorite part of the night had nothing to do with Brad Paisley, it had to do with the lady who sat directly in front of me. She was SO DRUNK and SO OBESE that when she went to stumble into her chair, she plopped down and the chair broke straight through, leaving her completely embarrassed on the ground. I could NOT believe it! It was SOOOO FUNNY! But then we felt bad because she started crying, so we told her, "It's okay, we have all broken a few chairs in our day". Then she LOVED us! She offered to buy us cokes and kept dancing and singin with us. It was quite the drunken circus!!!

On Saturday, my sister and I did the walk for diabetes. It was awesome!! The humerus part of that was when we were talking to Kali about diabetes. We explained to her that our friend Justin had it and we need to find a cure. She then asked if anyone else she knew had it. Katie said that she had an aunt that has type II and that is treatable with exercise. Kali's response? "Well if Justin can just get one more diabetes, then he can exercise and get better!!" Love that kid.

That night, I was a true blue cougar and went to the BYU game in my BYU t-shirt and acted like a Zoobie! It actually was pretty fun, except that they got smashed and everyone was pretty depressed! After we went to Pizza Pie Cafe. Never again. I still feel sick!

Anyways, sorry for the long post but it was quite the entertaining weekend! I had to take TWO naps today to make up for the busy weekend and lost sleep. Here are some pictures from our concert:
Jessa and I at the concert
The Broken chair with beer cans surrounding. SO FUNNY!

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